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Horizons No.17February 2017

Introducing ROSE K2 Soft
No. 1 GP Protein Remover Now Available in Canada

Horizons No.15January 2016

Menicon the First to Introduce Saline for Rinsing and Inserting Scleral Lenses
An Early Adopter Discusses 1day Menicon Miru Flat Pack
Rose K™ Continues as Most Prescribed Brand for Irregular Corneas
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Horizons No.14November 2014

Miru: Not Just a Pretty Package
Menicon Appoints Executive Manager for Latin America
PROGENT: An Integral Part of Today’s GP Lens Care Regimen
Insights on Oxygen Transmissibility for Scleral Lenses
Turning Coffee Grounds Into Cattle Feed
On a Mission

Horizons No.10October 2012

All in the Family. Menicon to launch the Rose K2 XL.
Menicon Z for Large-Diameter Lenses and More.
Behind the Scenes at Menicon.
Finally, an App You Will Use in Practice!
Easy Fitting With Easyfit™
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Horizons No.9May 2012

Using Contact Lenses to Control Myopia Progression.
New Material Science Lab Opens at Lagado in Englewood, Colo., USA.
Popular Program Revolutionizes Contact Lens Sales and Care in Japan.
Menicon Assumes Distribution of SOLOCARE AQUA® in Canada and the EEA.
Behind the Scenes at Menicon
Magic a Winner at Advertising Festival.
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Horizons No.8January 2012

Magic Store Showcases New Ultrathin 1-Day Lens in Unique Packaging.
Rose K Tour of India and Sri Lanka 2011.
Current Insights Into Epithelial Changes With Orthokeratology.
Behind the Scenes at Menicon.
Menicon and Eye Shelter Partner to Expand SOLO-care® Availability.
Menicon Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary.

Horizons No.7September 2011

Rose K2 NC Addresses Challenging Nipple Cone
Menicon Launches New GP Lens Care System
Marking 60 Years of Contact Lens Manufacturing in Japan
Behind the Scenes at Menicon
Dr. Santodomingo Delivers Irving Fatt Memorial Lecture
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